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  Early morning on Friday 12.06.2009 we set out on the trip to distan Denmark.
We decided  to spend 9 days of holidays in this wonderful country.
By this we combined the beautiful
 and relaxing vacation with dog show, this time 2-day international show
in town Vejen.
 On first day we were judged by british lady Mrs.Brenda Banury.
Our Scarlett was second with excelent mark and nice report...
We expected this as we know that Scarlett is not
 the "british" type of Yorkie.
On Sunday were Yorkies judged by Mr.Ferdinando Asnaghi (IT).
 Both weather and atmosphere at the show were great and Scarlett
really enjoyed this day.
 She loves the shows outside much more than those inside,
she showed up in excellent way
 and received mark Ex.1, CAC, as well as CACIB and the best female BOS.
 By this our small princess fulfilled the conditions
for three titles at the same time -
We're so proud of her!
 Right after the show we all went to the beach and began to really enjoy these holidays... 


  After a longer while we took some nice photos of our small sweet LADY...
 She's simply great "model" and no-one would say she is going 8 soon, becoming a veteran.
 Check out yourself how well she looks :)


  Another show-weekend is over, and again it was quite successful.
On Saturday 23.05.09 we joined the internationla show in Litomerice
and Yorkies were judged by Mrs.Vladimíra
 Tichá from Czech Republic. Our beloved Scarlett competed in
champion class with older and also beautiful girl,
so it was probably difficult decision making...
and in the end our girl was second with mark Ex.2, res.CAC.
  On Sunday we moved to small village Flöha in Germany
where a small Speciality Terrier show took place.
Scarlett enjoyed the show outside and pleased us again,
when she got mark Ex.1,VDH,CAC and nice compliments from judge Annamária Vizmathy from Hungary.
 And in final comparison she won as well the highest title BOB!
 As usualy it's been a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward
to next ones... ;)


  So...another show weekend is over, this time it was in Prague on May
2 and 3, 2009. On Saturday we entered the international show judged by
Mrs.Ana Mesto from Spain.
 Scarlett finished second in champion class with mark Ex.2, res.CAC,
after beautiful girl Helimadoe Wild Fantasy, but as she is already a Czech champion we inherited the CAC title - and we already have 3 of 4 needed :)
Of course we enjoyed the days with
 friends and used spare time to take some pictures for our gallery...
 On Sunday took place the YT club show with judge Mr.Carlos Salas also from Spain.
 Scarlett was this time third with Ex.3, but received a very nice report...
 In two weeks we're going to show in Litomerice, so please wish us well :o))


  Right after coming back from our native heath Slovakia, we had another show weekend. On Saturday 04.04.2009 there was a National show
in Dresden, the show we were looking forward to from two reasons
- we hoped for Scarlett to finish another champion title
and wanted to meet our dear Czech and Polish friends.
It was nice to see you again!
 For Yorkies there was Swiss judge Mr.Peter Lauber and our Scarlett was this time alone in champion class. She definitely deserved the mark Ex.1, VDH
 as in next competition she became the best bitch and later as well
Best of Breed!!!
By achieving this she fulfilled all the conditions for title
German Champion VDH. We are very very happy about it!
 It was a successful and also beautiful sunny day.
 On Sunday we joined the Terrier club show also in Dresden, and Yorkies were assessed by FCI president Mr.Hans Müller from Switzerland.
Scarlett was again first in her class,
 best bitch, and for BOB contest we entered ring with her handsome
brother "Showie" (Decoris Showtime Made by Magic).
 We were sure that whoever will win, it'll be great
 success for our "family".
 In the end we were more lucky and Scarlett got the BOB again!
 It's been a wonderful weekend, not only by successes achieved, but also by great time spent with friends...owners of Showie - Jola and Maciek,
 as well as our dear Aneta,
 to whom we are very thankful for such a nice princess
and also for faith in us ♥


  After longer break we're back with latest show news...
 At the end of March we decided to go to Slovakia, to relax and spend some time with family and friends, and also to join two shows on March 28/29. First was the national show in Nitra and Yorkies were judged by Mr.Pavol Seman (SK).
 Our princess Scarlett was shown with two other girls in champion class and with perfect assessment and judge's compliments received mark Ex.2, res.CAC. Thanks!
 On Sunday we have joined the terrier club show in small village Vinicne assessed by Mr.Peter Würgatsch from Germany.
Our Scarlett was again second in competition of two other champions
and received mark Ex.2, res.CAC.
  But there was one more reason why we were looking forward to this show so much and we couldn't miss it - at this show was also the Prize-giving Ceremony to award the most successful terriers of year 2008 in Slovakia - and our little princess received the title TOP YORKSHIRE TERRIER 2008!
We're SOOO happy and proud of her!
 Hereby we'd like to express our thanks to all judges who assessed and appreciated qualities of our sweet Scarlett
and helped us to make our dream come true...



 Our first show this year was already on Friday 23.01.2009, this time in small town
 Głogów in Poland. Yorkies were judged by Mrs.Dorota Witkowska from Poland
and we entered Scarlett in Champion class. Our small princess showed her exceptional grace
 and by receiving the last CWC she became the new Champion of Poland :)
 On top of this she was chosen as best bitch and in the end also the Best of Breed!!
 In final competitions we were surprised even more as our little girl was selected
 by Mr.Karel Horak (CZ) as second most beautiful terrier and got title res.BIG!!!
 It's been a wonderful day and we think we may really be proud of our sweetheart.
 She gives us a lot of happiness and even more love ... Thanx ;-)





 This year we decided to complete the successful 2008 show season at international show in Kassel on December 7, judged by Mrs.Brigitte Lichtenthaeler from Germany.
 Our Scarlett achieved nice 2nd place in Champion class and received mark Ex.2,res.VDH After yorkies were judged we browsed the stalls to buy some christmas presents for  both our princesses and afterwards we had a lot of fun with friends at pedal go-karts:o)
 To all friends, breeders and lovers of Yorkies we'd like to wish Merry Xmas and all the best in coming year of 2009!


 This show weekend we spent at speciality show organized by German CYT club in small town Annaberg-Buchholz.On Saturday were Yorkies judged by Mrs.Hassi Assenmacher from Germany. As we were last in order we came to ring after long waiting in the late afternoon.
 Scarlett performed very nice with all her temperament and elegance and
 reached second position with mark
Ex.2, res.VDH, res.CYT.
 On nice and sunny Sunday morning we came to ring quite soon and this time were yorkie assessed by Mr.Miodrag Vretenicic from Montenegro. Our little princess now achieved first place with mark Ex.1, VDH, CYT and also with very nice appraisal!
 It's been a nicely spent weekend and although the show season is almost over, we will join one more show this month and then we'll just relax over the Xmas holidays and enjoy the long two weeks with friends and family back in Slovakia ;-)




  On Saturday 15.11.2008 we decided to join the XVI.International dog show in Prague. After 6 weeks long break we were already missing our friends and the atmosphere of shows.
Yorkies were judged by Mr. Jakub Tvrdik (CZ) and among 64 entries there were
 6 girls in champion class. Our small princess Scarlett showed up very nice
 and finished at second place with title Ex2, res.CAC.
 As usual we took some pictures to our photogallery and enjoyed the nice day
in the city.



 On 27.09.2008 we joined the KfT Speciality Show in small german town Neumark, perhaps the last outdoor show this year nearby. Just as last year we went to this nice small showwith intention to relax and enjoy beautiful day in friendly atmosphere ever-present here.
 Breeders are talking to each other, applauding and congratulating to those more lucky... And we didn't even expect this day to be that extraordinary and unforgettable :)
 The show was judged by Mrs.Martha Heine from Germany and our Scarlett was shown for the first time in Champion class. She performed very nice and received the title VDH, CAC and also BOB. But that was not yet end of the day and some minutes later we entered
 the ring again for final competitions. Our small princess showed her best, made few
 rounds in the ring and waited in nice pose. The judge took a quick look at all dogs again and without hesitation she decided to grant title Best small terrier (niederläufer in DE)
to our Scarlett. Shortly after that we went to finals to compete for best dog in show. After few rounds the judge stopped us and with smile congratulated to US and gave us beautiful cup with engraved title BEST IN SHOW !!!
 That was inexpressible feeling of happiness and pride...and another fulfilled dream.
 Our sweet princess became the nicest dog in the show and received title BIS! WOW :)
 We would like to thank the organizers for well prepared show, sponsors for nice prizes and of course Mrs.Heine for judging and nice assessment of our Scarlett.



  On Saturday 13.09.2008 we took the road to national show in Leipzig. Yorkies were
 announced in catalogue to be judged as first at 9am, so we left home sooner than
 usually...but at the show we found out they were shifted to the end of schedule
 so we had 3 more hours for preparation and relax for both dogs and us.
 Our sweethearts were this time judged by Mr.Torsten Himmrich (DE)
and Scarlett was second with mark Ex.2.
 As it was nice and sunny day we took few pictures outside.



 The beautiful month of July is over - the month that we spend on the way to dog shows and to our well deserved vacation at Adriatic Sea :o)  
 But to start from beginning ...
 ... on Friday 18.07.08 we went from Dresden to Bratislava and slept over at our friend Renata Jurickova. Early next morning we went to small town Oberwart
in Austria for and at judge Mrs.Carole Garhöfer our Scarlett received Excellent mark.
 Also Renata's young and promising bitch Shevron's Aristokrat Lady was successful and gained the title Jugendbester (best young Yorkie).

  Right after the show we traveled to our home town Lucenec and next morning we went to another show in Nowy Sacz in Poland. Among 33 Yorkies were 9 girls
 in Open class.
 Judged by Mrs.Irena Rakowska we gained again second place and silver medal (which is happening to us almost traditionally in Poland now :-)
  After short recovery we set out on another trip - this time much longer but as well
 much more pleasant journey as we were about to spend one week in wonderful city
 of Split in Croatia, right at the cost of Adriatic Sea. We have combined the holidays with show we were looking forward to for such long time
"4 Summer nights show".
 It was quite exhausting for both people and dogs, but in the end as well successful :)
 Despite of late evening our Scarlett showed up very nice and right first night surprised  us by gaining mark Ex.1 with CAC title and in final comparison also
Best Of Breed!
 Second night was also perfect and besides CAC Scarlett received her 3rd CACIB!
 These achievements made us happy and brought great mood to our small team ;-)
 On Saturday and Sunday our dear princess finished at second place and received
 moreover 2 titles res.CAC.
 Our Slovak friends from Shevron's kennel were also successful - cute Lady received 2x CAJC and Junior BOB and Summoner 3x CAC, res.CAC and BOB!  Congratulations!
  After the show we spent some more time at this beautiful place to relax,
enjoy the  sea & sun and to refill the energy.
And of course we took some nice pictures :)
    Coming back from vacation we tried to use another opportunity to finally finish the title of Polish Champion so we joined the show in Legnica.
Originally announced judge didn't
 manage to come, so Yorkies were assessed by Mr.Stanislav Bucko from Slovakia.
 Scarlett performed nice,but again it was not enough for victory
and she gained 3rd place after nice girls from Czech Rep. and Germany. 
Maybe we'll be more lucky next time... ;-)  



  The weekend on June 21-22 we spent at Speciality Terrier show in small town Flöha  near Chemnitz (DE). On Saturday it was cold and rainy,
 but atmosphere at show was so nice and friendly that bad weather
and long waiting for judgement didn't really matter. Yorkies were judged
by Mr.Peter Würgatsch (DE) and since he apparently liked our sweet Scarlett,
she received mark Ex.1, VDH, CAC and in final round as well BOB!
  Sunday surprised us with warm and sunny weather with temperature almost doubled compared to day before.
Despite of it Scarlett performed very nice like a "Pro" :)
 The judge Mrs.Eva Letáčková (from Czech Rep.) let us repeat the success from
first day so Scarlett received again Ex.1, VDH, CAC and also BOB!!!
 We are very very proud of our little princess and we are happy that together with Lady they make our life much nicer and complete ;-)



  So another show weekend is over... On June 14 and 15 we took part in International and National show in Erfurt, Germany. On Saturday we received excellent mark from judge Mr.Peter Machetanz and finished at 4th place. National show next day was judged by Mrs.Sigrid Würgatsch (also from Germany) and Scarlett gained nice 2nd place.
 Of course we took few pictures for our gallery...




  On Sunday 08.06.2008 we went again to Poland for National dog show in Wałbrzych.
 Earlier announced judge was replaced with Mrs.Małgorzata Lula. Scarlett received
 perfect judge's report and gained second place in the open class. It means she still
 didn't finish the Polish champion title, but it doesn't matter, her career has just started. During whole show it was raining and sun showed up right after judging was over :) The weather was fine then so we made a small trip to amazing castle Książ which is just walking distance from fair ground.

In the end it was just another wonderful day...



 On May 24 we joined International Show in Litomerice, Czech Republic.
 Our dear Scarlett performed very well in open class and received her second title CAC  in Czech with nice appraisal from judge Mr.Leos Jancik (CZ). We are happy and proud to gain this title because competition in Czech Republic is at very high level.
 It has been a beautiful and successful day spent with our friends so we enjoyed it so much and thanks to warm and sunny weather we could take few nice pictures...




  On Sunday 18.05.2008 we went to the National show in town Jelenia Gora in Poland, judged by Mrs. Elżbieta Chwalibóg. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy during whole day.
 All breeds were judged outside and yorkies were at the very end so this long waiting was quite exhausting. Despite of bad weather we managed to prepare our dearest Scarlett for show so she gained second place with mark Excellent 2 and brought home the silver medal ;-)



  Last Sunday we made a small trip close to Dresden to relax and recover a bit.
 The sunny weather and beautiful surroundings of town Moritzburg inspired us to take some new pictures. You may see them in common photogallery.



  As yesterday was nice and sunny day, we made a small photo-set for our dear Lady.
 She is our sweetheart and despite of her age she's still very lively and always full of
 energy and temperament. Of course she loves cuddling with us and laying on a pillow, but as well she can spend half day running around in garden catching up Scarlett :o)
 She was not shown in exhibitions and had never hair wrapped, but she was (and is)
 always loved and pampered...simply a Lady.





 And another successful show weekend is over...
 Last weekend we took part in a Special and National dog-show in Dresden,
which we enjoyed very much. It was also relaxing since it was held in the city
where we live now.
 First day was a KfT Special Terrier Show judged by Mrs.Eva Letackova
from Czech Rep. Scarlett pleased us again - she performed great and showed herself as professional
 so she gained Ex.1/VDH, then CAC as best bitch and finally BOB. 
 In final rounds we were chosen in best 5 small terries so it was just perfect ending
 of this nice and sunny day.

 On a second day there was National Show assessed by Mr.Pavol Seman from Slovakia. Since the weather was still perfect we couldn't resist to make some nice photos. Check them out attached here and also in our gallery.
And how did the show turn out? Scarlett got again Ex.1 and won CAC in contest with nice girl from champion class.
We are very happy and proud of our sweet princess thus we'd like to thank breeder
 Aneta Sobkowska for such a special yorkie girl and for having faith in our abilities.




  On April 19.-20. we joined International dog show C.A.C.I.B. EXPOZITIE DE CHAMPIONAT in Satu Mare, Romania. On early Saturday morning we started a long journey together with our friend Renata of Shevron's kennel and her yorkies Lady and Sumi.
Show started at 10am and Yorkies were judged at noon so we had enough time to
 prepare our dogs to perfect show condition. Despite of cloudy weather and some rain showers we enjoyed the show. Judge for first day was Mr.Sándor Szabó from Hungary. Scarlett was in good mood as she likes to be shown outside
and to run on grass ... so  she won the open class and received title CAC and res.CACIB.
 Also handsome Sumi and small Lady were both days very successful and you can find more details on SHEVRON'S kennel homepage. Congratulations!

  Ssarlettka BOB 

 After long and heavy thunderstorm at night we woke up to nice and sunny Sunday so we went back to fair ground in good mood and relaxed. Yorkies were judged by
 Mr. Christian Stefanescu, president of A.Ch.R. (Romanian Kynology Association).
 We were wondering how it all will turn out, but our sweet Scarlett performed very
 confident and received CAC with nice appraisal. In next round with bitches from other classes she gained also title CACIB and in final contest as well the title
Best Of Breed!
 At the end of this beautiful day we showed Scarlett in Best Of Group competition
 for group III.FCI so we enjoyed our 15 minutes of fame ;-)
 We should remark that show was very nice and organized perfectly so it was pleasureto join it and we went back home smilingly and happy - and that's the way it should be...



  During Easter weekend we joined double show in Prague. On Saturday 23.03.08 there  was an International Show in Letnany judged by Mrs. Katalin Radvanszky from Hungary.
 Our Scarlett performed very well even after long winter break.
With nice appraisal she gained second place and received title res.CAC.


 On Sunday 23.03.2008 we entered the club show of CMKCHYT (Czech YT club) judged by
 Mrs.Olga Dolejsova from Czech Rep.  Scarlett made us happy and proud again by winning the Open class, gaining her first CAC in Czech Rep. and so starting Czech championship!
 At the same time she was given a title CLUB CHAMPION CMKCHYT so we were leaving the show with two nice cups, delighted and in high spirits.




  As we have no news from dogshows...
  ...we took at least some new photos of Scarlett to photogallery




  We received declaration of internationally protected FCI kennel


  Today our dear Scarlett was given a title CLUB CHAMPION I.CZ.YTC
(1st Czech
Yorkshire Terrier Club) 

...we are very happy about it :))



  Welcome to our new webpage dedicated to our yorkie girls. 
 Photogallery will be introduced soon...